Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Grand Daughter

Reconstructive Surgery
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Created February 24, 2015
Christie Cavender

Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 Gibson

Looks like the new editions of the Les Paul guitar's are on the market.  You can go online to shop for the new 2015 editions and see if they fit your style and budgets.  At  musician friend  they list several items to choose from and many accessories to go along with your purchases.  Don't you want a new guitar to make you music sound even more special?  Shop at the popular website under the link above and get your purchases shipped to your home address.

Come On Women

For Men

Above is just one of the products available on the website I found.  The  myrsol aftershave from this site  seems to be made from a certain formula to enhance the aura of a man.  I noticed other items of clothing on the website, which certain men would love to have and wear.  They even have items of clothing for women which can be purchased and given as gifts.  Click on the link above and see all the things this website has and many you will find exactly the item you've been looking for.


My cat thinks she runs this place.  She's to the point of letting us know what she wants and when she wants it!  Can you imagine, this?  If she doesn't get what she's meowing for, she flips her tail at us, switches it back and forth while hiking her ears back a bit.  Then she dashes off to the other room, or door wanting out of the house!  I have to make her know the rules and she really doesn't like that!

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Are you tired of looking at all the different companies and their insurance options?  I found that the online websites are great for getting quotes according to your needs.  They help you compare health insurance that's affordable with other quotes to see which one fits your family's needs.  The government is putting too much stress on the companies and families to get some insurance.  It's causing a frenzy of searching for low cost with quality insurance.  See what you can find under the link in this post.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Soul Shaping

Down through the last few years, I've come to read many articles by Jeff Brown  who I learned of through a mutual friend and writer.  His books and articles give insight to the real meaning of love and inner happiness.  Take the time to join him on Facebook or invest in one of his great books.