Sunday, December 20, 2015

Police/Firefighter/Emergency Jewelry

 I was introduced to an online store, that has a variety of jewelry, to support different realms of our "first responders" and other important people who affect our daily world.  This jewelry gives them the pride of wearing a piece of their daily endeavors for our safety and health networks.  The  joyjewelers.com polic jewelry  can help you design a piece of jewelry according to the person, who is being honored with this gift.
I also noticed the store offers "free shipping" on orders over $90, which will be great for giving more than one special design piece to members of a squad or group. 
I looked at the other jewelry that was listed and enjoyed the special designs of wedding rings they have.  To me this store is unique with the different selections of jewelry you can order.  Click on the above link and do some shopping for those close to your hearts, this year.

So It Is Christmas

Here we are in the middle of December, with only a few days till Christmas and people are running around getting things together for the big day.  I've lost interest in most of the season trimming's since the kids are gone and grown.  It's just almost another day, since they all have separate lives and live in different areas of the USA. 
I have one person who I make efforts for and he's my man, who I live with daily.  There are at least 3 of my kids and one of his that we send gift cards to.  Other than that, it's a day we spend together, being thankful for each other and the time we have together.
I'll cook if that's what we decide to do, but if we go for the other, then we will drive to a local restaurant and have our Christmas meal.  There is at least one or two that are open on Christmas day.  Lucky them!  We will give each other the gifts that we decided on and get ready for the coming day, when he will head back to work.  I suppose I'm lucky in a way, because there are many people who will not have anyone or anything to spend or do with this Christmas.  We have a home, plenty of food, cars and the bills are paid on time.  That's a good thing in itself, considering the times I wondered where the next paycheck would come from and if there would be enough for food.  Yes, we have a good life, and I am thankful for the blessings I have daily.
So, with this said, I want to send wishes for a Merry Christmas to you and yours, this year and remember the "Reason For The Season", JESUS CHRIST.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Studio 110

A person in the entertainment world who buys, sets up, and uses equipment, will know what  studio 110  is about.  This equipment, makes the audience able to hear the sounds just right and give quality to the performances.  It's not just an amp, but more and that's what a good musician needs for quality sounds.  Click on the about link and shop for the best in sound.

Another Birthday

 They say one foot in the grave and the other sliding.  How many times have I said that to someone who was older than me?  Now the shoe fits and it don't feel a damn bit good.  I guess I'll try and go out gracefully, but I know that won't be the case with me.  I'll be fighting it tooth and claw and hating every moment I loose ground.
Yesterday, I had another birthday and it's really causing me to feel old.  Looking in the mirror doesn't help either.  So, here's to the good Lord's grace to grant me another day of life.  Thank you Lord for your blessings.