Saturday, September 24, 2016


Spitballs, were something we made back in school days.  Now it looks as though the name has been incorporated into a music instrument.  Can you imagine, ordering a  herco  to do that type of thing?   There's always something new to invest in and something to make your present instrument, obsolete.  I wonder where it all will end?  If your interested in this item, click on the link and do some shopping.

Those Were the Days

Too little to know what was going on and what was about to become my life and future.


I've worked in a warehouse before, and it's very dark, without proper lighting.  You have a large space to fill with products and having the  warehouse-lighting.com website to do shopping, can give you several companies, that offer these types of lights.  They must be able to light a larger area, with plenty of powerful elements.  Contact the website under the link in this post, to shop for your company lighting.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I've heard of several different brands of guitars, but the  minarik guitars  is one I haven't heard of.  It's being offered by the website, listed under the link in this post.  Those of you that are interested in the value and quality of this instrument, need to click on the above link and do some research on it.  I know that they have a good selection of instruments, because I visited their website before.

Which One?

Can you tell whether this is going to be a Whataburger or a Dairy Queen?  Well, only time will tell.  Our town is really growing, since the Walmart has been built and now I hear we will be getting a "minor league baseball team".  Wow, we are going to be on the map.

Monday, September 5, 2016


 There's new developments of stores going up here in my town.  I haven't noticed that it's building a music store, for all the kids who play in the high school bands and orchestras.  I suppose to find a  store near you  you'll need to click on the above link and put in your zip code to find one.  The internet apps are also on your mobile phones, so this has become convenient when searching.