Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dinner in the Works

banana pudding ready

dressing in the works

giblet gravy in the works

sweet potatoes in the works

ready to go in the sweet potatoes

ham, waiting to be finished

extra eggs for giblet gravy

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Musical Instruments

Our local high school marching band, is breaking all the records, lately.  They've even been invited to go to London, England to perform.  I'm sure all the parents are in a dizzy, trying to get things together, to finance the trip.  They, will need to make sure their child's instrument, has all the extra parts and accessories, needed to have a successful performance.  They can go to  musicfriends  online store and shop, plus get the items shipped to their home address, for quick service.  Check out the link in this post for all you music product needs.

It's On To College

Well, here my step-daughter is all grown up and off to school, to learn massage therapy.  We are doing our best to help her in any way we can.  Good luck Amanda, may you be the best!