Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Store Brands Win

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of storebrandformula.com for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The brand name isn't always the best and with store brands you can typically save up to 50 percent on these brands. You can get complete information about the PMF products at  storebrandformula.com and compare the  formula ingredients. "Parent’s Choice Milk Infant Formula", which is listed 1 (12.9 oz) can for $5.00 "on sale" at many stores,  is a good savings and the formula has all the ingredients of any name brand formula's.  Once I started reading the ingredient labels, I found that the store brand formula was equal to the name brands. As mother's, we all want the best for our babies, and try to make sure that we give them nourishing beverages, food as well as snacks.

There was another litigation suit by the Mead Johnson company, against the maker's of the "PMF brands.  Once again, store brand infant formulas won a major victory.  The courts upheld a false advertising claim against Enfamil the product of Mead Johnson. The arguments were false and misleading because store brand formulas offer the same nutrients at the same levels as Enfamil.  The ruling is that national brand and store brand suppliers are entitled to fairly compete and advertising abuses will not be tolerated. 

I could understand that the Mead Johnson company wants to sell their products, but it's only fair to allow other companies the same benefits, if the products offer quality ingredients, accordingly.  The price's of quality infant food, has skyrocketed and it's very hard for young parents to afford the brand names.  As with many products, the store brands give a good value along with cheaper prices.   For  more information

 concerning this case and the products involved, you can click on the above links and get in depth findings.

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