Saturday, February 25, 2012

Twin girls

Guest post from: Natalie Walter
I always thought that home security systems were for single people that are living alone. If I were living alone I know I would want a system to help me feel safe. It wasn't until the birth of our twin baby girls that I decided that we needed to get home security family installed in our home. I just want to do everything I can to help me be at ease. Being a parent, I have enough to worry about. Are my babies getting enough milk to grow? Are they growing at the right rate, and doing new things when they are supposed to? Am I a good mother? When do I need to start baby food? The last thing I need to use mental power for is worrying about the safety of my home or my family. Having a system will just help my mind be at ease when I am coming home at night with the girls or when I am home alone with them while my husband is at work. I am learning security systems are just as much for families as they are for single people!