Saturday, June 16, 2012


Tomorrow is Father's Day.......I want to give credit to my step-dad.  He is a nice sweet man, who has spent his last few year's with my Mom.  I give him credit for his rose colored glasses and the way he uses them.  He is so in love with my Mom, and is has to be that or pure loss of mind.  She pushes him to the very limits and he goes right along with love all in his eyes.  Is he seeing something I'm not? 
To his children:  I say you are sorry, lowdown and no good.  This doesn't give you much to be proud of does it?  After all the years' this man worked and gave you what you needed to grow up and survive, this is the way you say thank you?  I am ashamed of you and I know that your sins will not go unpunished.  Still I wish you could have loved your Father, because of those year's.  Not because you are mad at him for marrying my mother within six months of your mother's death.  He has been happy and that's something you should have wanted for him.  The only sadness he has is the loss of the love of his children.......Shame on you.