Monday, September 16, 2013

Just A Few Miles

Fear gripped my heart this morning as I saw the wire flash come across the web page I was on.  Just a few miles away, my son works at one of the shipyards, that handles the Navy ships on a daily basis.  I immediately contacted my grand daughter to find out which one her dad worked at.  I am thankful it wasn't at the one where he worked.  I'm sad because of the loss of lives at the shipyard in Washington DC.  This is a cowardly act on the part of someone who thinks they have been mistreated.  If in fact, there is another shooter, which has been reported possible, I hope he is caught as soon as possible. 
My heart, prayers and thoughts are with the people who have lost a family member and to those who have been injured.  Only by the grace of God, was I not a mother who possibly lost her son, today to this horrible act.