Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Not Again

It seems as though my life is always full of people who just don't stay around very long.  Meeting a person who you find full of the things that you want to be around and then them leaving you after you get accustomed to having them around is hard to deal with. 
Yesterday, we found out that my partner of 1 year, may have throat cancer.  His blood pressure is high and the doctor raised the level of his meds for that during the same visit.  COPD is also a factor of this health problem which he developed recently.  I have no choice but to stand with him during this awful time.  At the present he is feeling the effects of finding out and accepting what is.  I can't be anything but close by to support him, when he needs me.  Loosing someone so soon in the relationship is not going to be a good thing.  I hope he can beat this problem and be healthy so we can be together for a long time.