Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Dog Bed

I sure wish I had thought of this one.  Could have made a nice financial bank on it, since there are so many pet lovers out there, who spare no expense for their dogs.
While looking through the website for the  CozyWinters elevated dog bed ,  I noticed how cheap these items were, and the convenience of them also caught my attention.  This can be placed in a area away from the heat or cold during the spring and summer seasons.  It lifts your dog up from the hot soil and concrete so that air can flow underneath, causing it to cool the bed.  In the winter, it will keep your dog from lying on cold ground or floors.
I saw that there were 4 different colors, you could choose from and at a reasonable price.  They also give free shipping with orders over $75. which is a great plus.  The bed comes in two sizes, medium and large, giving your dog comfort for their weight and body build.  Look at the website listed under the link in this post and give your dog a elevated bed.