Sunday, December 20, 2015

Police/Firefighter/Emergency Jewelry

 I was introduced to an online store, that has a variety of jewelry, to support different realms of our "first responders" and other important people who affect our daily world.  This jewelry gives them the pride of wearing a piece of their daily endeavors for our safety and health networks.  The  joyjewelers.com polic jewelry  can help you design a piece of jewelry according to the person, who is being honored with this gift.
I also noticed the store offers "free shipping" on orders over $90, which will be great for giving more than one special design piece to members of a squad or group. 
I looked at the other jewelry that was listed and enjoyed the special designs of wedding rings they have.  To me this store is unique with the different selections of jewelry you can order.  Click on the above link and do some shopping for those close to your hearts, this year.