Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heart Will

The internet world has opened up so many different lines of communication and fields around our world.  I imagine that this way of handling one's own personal memories, is another way the internet world is making life more simple for us.  
I went to this website and looked at all the different features they offer when making a personal digital photo album for your family and friends. It was wonderful to see all the different things I could do, and have them saved for members of my family to view later.  This gives us a way to let them know who we were, how we felt, acted and experience our daily lives.  Saving these memories gives us an advantage we never had before.  We can have a way of  living on  after we have departed this world.  Our family members can hear our voice, see our smile and hear our famous quotes.  This website has a great way of interacting with the Flickr software and can save you plenty of time, with their services.
Don't leave all those pictures, and memories on a shelve.  Make a living memory and leave it for a member of your family to care for.  It's your legacy to them.