Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl

Most eyes will be on the big screen TV's this evening at the Ravens and 49er's take the field.  Once again the Super Bowl is happening and once again the Cowboy's are not on the list.  The Texas fans are really tired of this and wish that something would light a fire under our team.
There will be die hard fans around the world watching tonight's game and the bets will be flying.  I can't imagine the money involved in all the bets which will be on-going about this game.
Even though some fans will be sitting on pins and needles they will still do the one thing that has held their family together for years.  The tradition of going to church will still be done by many who believe in the one true God.  I'm sure many of these people will turn on the car radio's on the way home to catch up on the game scores.  Either way this day has arrived along with it's food, fun and festivities.  May the best team win.