Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Last Part

I've always considered the last part of life to be demeaning.  It is a slide downhill for the elderly and they loose dignity along with the functions of their bodies.  As I embark on this era of my life I find that there's nowhere else to go.  Sad as it may seem, I must consider the eminent future of my demise.
Growing up I wanted to get older, so I could have the benefits of being an adult.  Today, those benefits are come and slowly going.  I've had the responsibilities of being an adult and now look toward the future of loosing most of my responsibilities, because of digressing age.  This is scary but what's even more scary is the eventual end.  I fear this thing called "death" and wish there was a way to bypass it.  Somehow, I know there is no effort I can make to be rid of the horrible fate.  So, here I sit, fearing and wondering what the next moment will take me to?