Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tons More

Thanks to Lemuel Craft
I was really hurting for some additional TV channels at home, since my basic cable package only got me about 50 channels. I know 30 years ago 50 channels was unheard of, but all my friends get somewhere in the thousands and I was constantly left out of conversations concerning shows I didn't have access to at home. I went to ClearTVBundle.com and signed up for a bundle that gave me access to all the premium channels which is great since I'm actually more into movies than I am TV. I finally feel like I know what all the fuss is about when my friends start talking about HBO and Showtime, and I definitely think that alone makes the expenses worth it. I also needed reliable Internet at home, so that's one more reason why getting the bundle was a good idea. I do a lot of shopping online and I pay my bills over the web, so I don't really know how I lived this long without it! Who was I kidding?