Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Amber Alert

can remember when Amber Hagerman came up missing and the grueling days that we all experienced during the time, she was being looked for.
I went through a brief period one time when my oldest daughter, decided she would explore the town and was missing for several hours. We found her, but during the time she was gone, everyone became a suspect and the house was full of officers and people we didn't even know. Our whole world was exposed to the public and we had nothing left unturned.
This experience is a horrible thing to go through, many are never found and some are found in the terrible ways of we don't want to think about.
The Amber Code Alert is a non profit
origination and needs your help to stay in operation.
The operating costs are modest at about $4,500 per month and they
depend on support through contributions from people like you to keep
running. Your contributions fund their servers, office Internet service,
phones, utilities, office expenses and staff. They do not receive government
funding of any kind. Contact them today, and give the helping hand to those who experience these types of trauma in their lives.