Monday, November 9, 2009

Salt Water Fish.....

Do you ever enjoy looking at the fish in a pet store? I love to watch the different fish and see how beautiful they are. I enjoy watching the fish bear their babies, live. For that reason, I always bought live bearers to put in my tanks. I've invested quite a bit of money in setting up a fresh water tank and the tropical fish that goes in it. Sadly, to say they bit the dust as well.
Some of those Saltwater fish are very expensive. I wouldn't be able to afford the fancy fish, because I'm sure that something would go wrong and it would die.
I've always had fresh water fish tanks, and never considered that I should buy coral because there's a lot more detail that has to be taken. There's the huge ordeal of just getting the water ready and the filtering system going, before you can even consider putting saltwater fish in it.
They have so many different types of aquariums, and lately are advertising Reef aquariums which I know nothing about. I'll have to go to a pet store and check this for more information.
They say that you can get live coral for sale as well. I've seen it in television documentaries, but didn't realize that you could actually have it in your own aquarium. I remember seeing those things moving around with the water, but I guess you just don't realize, they are alive as well. I considered them to be live plants, not sea life like fish.

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