Saturday, August 30, 2008

6 Tools For Happiness

Lurking deep in our brains, is fear. Happiness means overcoming that instinct.

Appreciation - It is the antidote to fear; you can’t feel both things at once. So, appreciate the things you have and see around you. They take over the bad things in your life, if you let them.

Choice - Feeling as if you have no choices can lead to anxiety; helplessness, and hopelessness. Taking charge of your choices, and making them positive ones, can change your situations.

Personal Power - Taking responsibility and taking action empowers you on your endeavors. Thereby making you stronger. Strength is what carries us through the toils and labors daily.

Leading with your strengths - This means to ignore your weaknesses, and look toward your strengths. Using them to counter the weak moments, in our thoughts.

Power of Language & Stories - Call yourself the hero of a tragic love story, or be grateful that you had love at all. Boy do we know how that feels. Some people never find it, only to search constantly for something to fulfill themselves.

Multidimensional living - Divide your energies among health, relationships and work. Too much time spent on one thing can cause other things to back up and build tension. Dividing energies among tasks will add new meaning to your daily routines.