Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hurricane Hanna Headed East.....

Graphic shows the projected path of Tropical Storm Hanna; ... It looks like Hanna, is headed up the Eastern coastline. It may come ashore in the areas of South Carolina, North Carolina state lines, but can also wait until it gets to the West Virginia state line to make landfall. At the present it's only a tropical storm but can gain strength before it gets to land.
Tropical Storm Hanna has caused flooding and mudslides across Haiti killing at least 25 people, including 12 in the low-lying port of Gonaives.
General view of a beach in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, ... Santo Domingo, has been hit by these storms, as well and the US.
Residents in Charleston, SC are loading up sandbags in preparation for Tropical Storm Hanna. By 2pm today, Hanna should be hitting right in the outer edge of the Bahamas, traveling at 12mph, with winds at 60mph.