Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I was notified through a website about Sportsviews so I went to the page and checked it out. This is really a great website to enjoy, if your into sports and think you know about different teams and their stats. This social community, gives you the chance to have fun with existing friends, make new friends and really get involved in the sports worlds. All of this is Free, can you imagine being able to enjoy something this great, free? You can place free sports bets on your favorite teams, whether it's baseball, football, soccer, car racing, you've got the field. Ante up your SV $'s and play against the best or just play against your buddies. "Sportsviews Dollars", a currency that is used on Sportsviews.com, has no monetary value. They are a way of keeping score to see how you rank against other users.
There's a variety of different kinds of bets to fit the needs of Sportsviews users, so that you can predict the future, quiz people's general knowledge, or get their opinion on any sport. It's a great way to spend the extra time that you use on your sports. When the bet is settled, the pot will be distributed evenly between all the winning players, building your SV $'s.
You can also post on blogs and give your run downs, Dale Hanson style on the sports blogs available or make your own. How much can you tell the world about your favorite sport and the players involved?
You can join, create groups, add your buddies to your friends list, create and share your own bets, videos, pictures and blogs. Then have other members rate your football videos to accumulate Sportsviews dollars.
All bets are created by you the members and requires no money to sign up or participate in bets. So, the more you contribute to the community, the faster you can earn sportsviews
dollars. You can also accumulate Sportsviews dollars, in other ways. By joining you get SV$ 50,000 , and SV$ 1,000 for every friend that you invite who joins Sportsviews. After you get started it won't be long until you will need to check your Net Worth. There's more information on this website to help you get started. Read it today and have yourself a great time interacting with your new found friends.

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