Friday, September 12, 2008

Service Spider

It's been grueling trying to find the right contractors and getting a good estimate for our home repairs. The hurricane destroyed plenty of houses in our neighborhood and state wide. I don't expect to find the price we are needing because of our financial situation. They say we can get help and I'm really hoping that happens, since another hurricane is on it's way and we are in it's path.
This website offers free services when you post your home improvement jobs to be auctioned off to contractors. When the auction is finished you get to look at the contractors, that bid on your work to be done and determine which is best for your situation.
When the time comes that you have a home improvement project, auction it off on Service Spider, to get the best contractors for the job. When you enter your bid ServiceSpider.com immediately forward your project to local contractors and invite them to bid. When the auction ends, you can compare the contractors on price and reputation and decide who gets the job. I know that a roof is going to cost quite a bit and they can get you the best contractors to estimate the job in your local area. Trusting the service you are getting is something that the customer has to be confident with or it's not worth the effort. This website, can find local contractors, with credible credentials to back up their services.
They offer services for FREE in 2008, because they are so new. Local Contractors, can have their own company profile page to market their services , receiving free sales leads anytime a new project is posted on ServiceSpider that meets their requirements. There's no membership fees and you don’t pay per lead. Only when you get the job, will they charge you a commission, so to get more information on the actual processes, go to their website and look at more values they offer.

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